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“I couldn’t live without you. Literally,” says my boss.

Welcome to my first day at my new job.

Working for me.

I’ve freelanced before, but never with so much intention. Both times as a temporary measure. A client hired me, an opportunity arose, and poof, I abandoned me. (Symbolic? Maybe it took being in my 40s and having a stronger sense of self to feel the way I do now.)

My biggest fear is not being busy! I love being busy. Also, what if I become a cat lady and never wear shoes? (Strong possibilities if one is not watchful.) So here’s what happened on day 1.


This employee was not as fully utilized as I’d like.

  1. I was busy! I got to the office (i.e. went downstairs) at 8:30. And worked away until 5:15 with just a lunch break. No distractions. I brainstormed names, wrote web site copy, developed and pitched an event idea, and did some networking. The time flew.
  2. I showered. I’ve committed to that. Also, to working in real clothes, not pajamas or sweats. And shoes. Keeping things civilized. #goalz
  3. I resisted the pull of “other stuff.” Chores, groceries, tidying, etc, all waited until after “office hours.” When the mail came, I didn’t even stop and read InStyle. (!) I did look at an Hermes catalog, though. Research purposes — branding, you know.
  4. I listened to music. At first it was really, really quiet. Like I heard the clock on the wall and the cat lapping water. Speaking of the cat…
  5. I did not become a cat lady. (Yet.) Though one cat did sit on my hand while I typed. If this continues, it will go in his performance review.
  6. I felt extremely clear headed. Loose. Ideas flowed. Never did I have to worry about a new hire, personality conflicts, the nuance of an internal email. I felt light.
  7. I didn’t eat endlessly. Yes, this was a fear too. I went upstairs to have lunch be separate from work, and then I went down again (sans snacks) until the day ended.
  8. I invested in more coffee. I bought a second kettle for downstairs. This investment is guaranteed to pay dividends. I will not be diversifying into decaf.
  9. I’m not taking full-time work. I am not working for someone else. So when an inquiry came, I said no to that. But I am available for freelance.
  10. And I’m excited about tomorrow.
Rachel Solomon