Honor Code Creative


Ok, I admit it. I broke the rules.

But overall, we’re good. My Q1 freelancer self eval.

With a brand called “Honor Code Creative,” you have to hold yourself to telling the truth. So boom. Let me be transparent about all the ways I’m not doing what I said I was going to do as a freelancer when I began in May. And one way that I am.

  1. I said I was going to use my home office and then decide if I wanted to explore a shared workspace. Instead, my primary office is Uber Pool. I’m often on the way to one client or another, and it has everything. I like saving money, it says what time I’ll arrive, and I can work the whole way there on my hot spot. With random strangers. On non-meeting days, I often stay in the kitchen all day after my second cup of coffee. Which brings me to …
  2. I said I was never going to sit around in pajamas. But on those non-meeting days, when I’m making headway on a project, I sometimes do. Also I look for pajama-type clothes. Like these and this (I’d just wear the top with jeans or the bottom with a blazer) and these. When clients think I look put together (at least that’s what I’m going for), it’s possible I’m in sleepwear and a blazer.
Vehicular makeup application. It’s a thing.

Vehicular makeup application. It’s a thing.

3. I said I was going to shower and put makeup on every day. Did I really say that? If I’m in a groove, I try to keep going, then work out, then shower. (Emphasis on “try.”) Also, If I wear makeup, I put it on in a car. I put this on everyday for SPF, and that’s often all I get to. But if I have a meeting, I don’t do makeup until I’m in Uber Pool or a client’s parking lot. So don’t look out the window five minutes before our meeting. Thank you!

4. I said I’d present work live, always, and build in-person relationships. I have stuck to that generally, but sometimes (especially in summer) people are gone. So instead I often do conference calls in weird places. See Uber pool, above. I also have taken calls in my closet (the cat interferes — ok, tries to make out with me —everywhere else in my house), in a store dressing room, even outside a supermarket in the rain.

5. I said I’d only work for people who treat me with respect and on projects to which I can add value. Hurrah, I give myself a star for this one. Line-drawing hasn’t always been easy. It means I haven’t taken every project that’s come my way. But as I sit here evaluating the past few (very busy!) months, I realize I’m good with that.

Phew, that was a relief. I hate feeling like a fraud, even for a minute. And it’s 12:51 PM and I’m still sitting here in my pajamas.

Rachel Solomon