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A Sunday shoutout to everything I’m obsessing over now.

It’s hot, it’s gross, and the Republicans just told old people to suck it. So let’s escape, shall we? Start here:

The Caviar Sandwich at Little Donkey. These guys keep it simple. And seriously … the word that comes to mind is “sexy.” I’d like to sleep on (with?) this potato roll, but I’d rather eat it schmeared with whipped butter, plenty of caviar, and some chives.

The entance at Hudson in the South End.

The entance at Hudson in the South End.

“Here’s your snack, dumbass” plate from the chic-with-a-twist Hudson. Do I need to explain why I love this? Words, snacks, swearing. This has it all. I also like to make my hubbie laugh, and I know he will. Kind of obsessed with the whole South End shop actually.

Minted lemonade. I know I’m supposed to stick to water, but for some reason this feels even more thirst quenching. I love Tatte’s version. But Baraka Cafe in Porter Square ups the ante with rose petals, which lend a little bit of spicy depth. Plus .. tagines!

Minted rose petal lemonade at Bakara in Cambridge

Minted rose petal lemonade at Bakara in Cambridge

ChowhoundAnd ignoring Yelp. My husb and I love shacks and dives. Every time we take a trip, I map out the best in advance. Why are we using Yelp? It’s unreliable and feels completely rigged toward advertisers. After meeting several small-restaurant owners who said they refused to advertise and their good reviews got wiped out, I’ve stopped looking at it completely. Chowhound is much more of a true food loving community. And my last two Chowhound recos for my Father’s Day “mini food tour” — Pollo Tipico and Dolce Freddo Gelato — did not disappoint.

Flaked. This show recently launched its second season on Netflix. I love getting to see Venice, California, which to me seems to have a little of that driftwood-y Maine feel (#retirementgoals). And unlike my beloved Bloodline, Orange Is the New Black, and House of Cards, it makes me think without giving me nightmares, so it’s a good before-bed option. Speaking of bed …

Nayoya acupressure mat. OMG I love this thing. I bought it for my husband’s back, but I’ve taken to it more than he has. We’ve used it in the car, too. It looks weird, but it feels like a mini massage.

Desserts that smile. As an optimist with a sugar problem, nothing makes me happier than a happy dessert. I finally had the theatrical Don Huevo at Bodega Negra, and it cheered me right up, I tell you. (Donald who?) And then there’s Rui Milk in Queens, with its creamy honeyed yogurt whipped into the cheeriest little concoctions. Could it really be bad for me if everyone is smiling?

Liya jeans. A friend recently texted me for a denim reco, and these were it, hands down. I can’t even express how much I am over skinny jeansThis style by Citizens of Humanity is the perfect answer — the leg opening is just right, the high rise is super flattering. I have 3 pairs and have given a pair as a gift to a BF. (I’m styling them with this T and these sandals, like “not trying at all! Just vaguely Italian!”) They just never let me down. Even after too many desserts that smile.

Skip the airport, and shop French + Italian.

Skip the airport, and shop French + Italian.

The French + Italian summer sale. No Europe, no problem. If the Amalfi Coast isn’t in the cards this summer, you can still get the #vibes right here. There’s more in the shops that’s not online, so stop by if you can. All I want to wear on hot days are the breeziest, easiest dresses, and no one else in town has the chic styles they do.

Rachel Solomon