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The Honor Roll

A Sunday shoutout to everything I’m obsessing over now.

I was moved at my son’s eighth grade graduation this past week, because there was such a sense of acceptance among so many different types of kids. It started to feel like, in some small measure, progress.

And in other news, the President of the free world started Tweeting nasty things about newscasters. So anyhoo. Let’s eat some noodles, shall we? Current obsessions, go!

  1. The Dan Dan noodles at Bess’s Cafe in Brookline: Comfort in a bowl. Soothe all that ails with the savory, slurpy, salty goodness at this sweet mom and pop.
  2. The Ethnic Pantry Ingredient Labels: Now that we have like 30 kinds of flour (chickpea, tapioca ….), it’s time to get organized. This Etsy shop makes clean custom labels for your containers, and all profits go to “The Other Project” — her future photo project shooting multicultural cuisines and cultures.
  3. The Montauk top from Lost and Found by J. Friedman: I’m always looking for sweet, simple white tops in summer, and I saw someone in this one and fell in love. The sleeve length is perfection, and pieces on this site are a collaboration with local Balinese artisans.

4. Herbs in water: Farmer’s markets are open and farm shares have begun. (We do Stillman’s.) My mom taught me a great trick for keeping my fresh herbs around longer. Put the stems in a glass of water in your fridge.

5. Andree Putman for Christofle: I am a huge fan of modern designer Andree Putman. Her first boutique hotel, Morgans, is closing to become condos, but you can buy a piece of the jewelry and housewares collab she worked on before she died and have a piece of her brilliance for life.

6. Cedar Hill Dairy Joy: My very first shack spawned a lifelong shack love affair. It’s not officially summer until you’ve been in for a lobster roll and a java berry cone (with dip). And I got engaged here on the Fourth of July.

7. J Crew packable hats: You want to take a straw hat on a trip to keep the sun off your face. But you don’t really want to wear it on the plane or in the car. Boom. Roll this up and stick it in a shoe.

8. Committee Boston’s Champagne Tray: Brunching outside with a cute copper tray bearing champs and a variety of juices and berries for mixing and matching? Don’t mind if I do. I’ll be sitting right here with my best girlfriend. Call me when 4 years are over.

Rachel Solomon