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The Honor Roll (*Father’s Day ed.)

This week’s obsession list focuses on things dad will obsess over.

Thanks, Dad. (photo: Daiga Ellaby)

Thanks, Dad. (photo: Daiga Ellaby)

It’s time to honor everything he’s done, like the time he came over to change the batteries on the smoke detector even though you were a grown-up in the throes of PMS. (Wait, what do you mean, autobiographical?)

  1. Home-decor dad. He cares about his surroundings and taught you to care about yours. Introduce him to these local, artisan-made M. Spring Studio drawer pulls. He’ll like that they’re not just great looking; they’re sturdy and last forever.
  2. Fit dad. Treat him to a Core Connection Skype workout so he can stay on his game when he travels this summer.
  3. Classic dad. Kule striped Ts have been an obsession of mine since they donated Black Friday sales to Planned Parenthood. Snag him the quintessential nautical stripes he’ll wear all summer.
  4. Modernist dad. He deserves that Eames chair from 1st Dibs. But he’ll be more moved when you donate to Docomo in his name and he’s part of preserving a modernist architectural icon.
  5. Foodie dad. Treat him to an amazing Asian food tour of Queens. You’ll make lifelong memories. Or just be the first to arrive for dim sum when selection is the best. Richard Chan, owner of Absolutely Asia, recommends Sun Kong in Malden, which quickly became our family favorite.
  6. Caring dad. He’ll love that these Article One Flint collection sunglasses help positively impact children in Flint, Michigan. The instant cool factor is an added bonus.
  7. Czash dad. He DOES. NOT. WANT. TO. DRESS. UP. Listen to him. He’s earned the right not to wear a tie. Instead, help him amp up his dress-down game with the new Anelli O-ring belt from M.Gemi. (And then ask to borrow it.)
  8. Dad you still live with. He doesn’t want you to spend any money. No, seriously. Not on anyone, and that includes him. Honor his true wishes by writing a heartfelt note. Ideally one that expresses gratitutde. On paper you already own.

p.s. Don’t forget the dog and cat dads. And grand dads. It takes a village, people.

Rachel Solomon