Honor Code Creative




Editorial Direction

Created M.Gemi’s editorial calendar, driving all content across email, site and social.  So, for example, one week might feature “Puglia Dreaming” across all properties. Tying everything we to a unified editorial calendar brought more coherence, an elevated look, and yielded higher engagement. 

Email Strategy

We recently jumped in to help the internal team as a partner on email support, working seamlessly with leaders to strategize around new approaches to the welcome stream and experimenting with disruptive ways to trigger conversion while still playing within brand rules.



Branding: Cost-Effective Video

We launched a first-of-its kind business. I conceived and developed this video as a moving way to introduce ourselves to investors and consumers. Since then, short videos have become a way we show how a shoe is made, how to style it, and more.



Branding: Italian Imagery

I sourced current photographer Arnaud Pyvka and with him creative directed this Italian lifestyle imagery, at the core of developing M.Gemi's identity as an Italian luxury brand. 



Advertising: "Shoes Are Love"

Advertising is a key pillar of acquisition and conversion. I oversaw all ad creative, from creative strategy to concept to completion.



Branding: The "Learn Italian" Calendar

A gift card is a natural fit for a shoe brand trying to be a gift, but they can feel lackluster and mercenary. Adding these addictively funny Italian lessons from an over-the-top Italian persona kept things memorable.



Social Engagement: Step Into Italy

Inspired by tile on a Sorrento photo shoot, we printed the thank you on a foldable poster, encouraging her to use it as a backdrop to show off her purchase.  Suddenly our poster – and shoes – started showing up all over our feed. (Sample post: @atsuyosworld “Loving the coastal charm with my lovely sandals from @mgemi” 808 likes.)