Honor Code Creative

Rue La La

Branding: Rueisms

I led the development of a voice that tells Rue Members every day "You deserve it." As much as the Rue logo, "Rueisms" became a defining element of the brand - widely shared and routinely copied.



Ad Campaign: What's Your Fix?

A lot was riding on Today’s Fix, a new site initiative that hinged on high volume sales of a single item over just a 24-hour period. In an already pumped-up environment the “What’s Your Fix?” campaign got everyone talking, salivating, lined up and ready to shop. (Art Director: Tarah Sutton.)



Naming: The Rue 30 // The Rue 365

These branded shipping programs, months and then yearly, had to be named in a compelling but clear way. I also cast and scripted the Rue 365 video. Both became successful programs, crucial to generating repeat purchases.



Brand: Honoring Boston

As one of the city's largest corporate citizens, Rue had to act in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. (Art Direction: Tarah Sutton.)



Branding: Little Rue

Rue launched a children’s business. I led the overarching strategy with the merchants and worked with the art director to bring the new brand to life. The challenge: Rue had to jump into the space before a poised competitor, but wasn’t ready with merchandise. An awareness campaign centered around tumblr solved it.



Marketing: Referral Campaign

The challenge: Referred Members are Rue’s biggest spenders. After sending the same message so many times, how could we wake up referrals? How about making the focus on giving friends credit to shop – not getting credit yourself. It launched as the most successful referral campaign in Rue history.



Naming: Shoe La La

Can a Rue curated sale carry the day? We (literally) brought the site down.