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Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee

TRADE coffee (https://www.tradecoffeeco.com) is a marketplace for independent coffees, selling over 300 varieties of small batch brews. Just before launch, the team wanted to adjust the voice. We took over, quickly grasping the direction, staffing and directing the writing of 300 products and roaster profiles in about a week.


OMG (Oh My God)

Oh my Guatemala, this is a good blend (the other half comes from Ethiopia). Sip its balanced richness and try not to shout it out loud (or post it on social).



Nizza is named for Nice (as in, France). And it’s just nice (as in, nice): friendly, honey-sweet and approachable. A favorite.



Get your paradoxes in before 8 a.m., with this cup that proves elegance can be powerful, and coffee can be both balanced and extreme. A standout with restraint.

CoffeePics_0003_Colombia Roasters.jpg

Colombia Roasters United Blend

Grade A coffee + Grade A coffee = ? Math isn’t our thing but we do know roasters and drinkers unite behind this smooth blend that combines the best of the best.

CoffeePics_0004_Bitches Brew.jpg

Bitches Brew

A smoky club, a smoky cup and all that jazz. Deep and stirring (even when stirred), like a legendary Miles Davis number, this is one to put on repeat.