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People don’t buy stuff. They buy stories. With a background that crosses marketing, advertising, PR and social media, we build, reinvent, and refine brands, spinning the stories that create lifelong loyalty and evangelism. And we do it all with a sense of urgency and the ability to be nimble, acting thoughtfully — and fast — for our clients.


“Since my first official job in shoe sales, where I told customers: ‘These are the sneakers you’ll sling over your shoulder when you take your vintage MG to the beach at dusk,’ I’ve understood how to connect with audiences on an emotional level, speak to their truths, and move them to act.”

- Rachel Solomon, Founder, CCO

“I spent 25 years at Boston’s largest ad agencies, working across all media with some incredibly impactful people, but I also saw big agency downsides like excessive layers of approvals, overhead and process. At HCC, we are small but mighty with the expertise to back it up. I’ve mastered how to be the backbone of killer creative that delivers for our clients.”

- Susanne Joyce, Partner, COO


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